Sunday, April 10, 2011

20% the supplies do 80% of the work

Every survival blog seems to have a what did you buy stickied to the top. “What did you put away today.” There is a blog post from

The short form is a guy goes to Quebec to winter camp with his friends January 1998. His only job is to bring many cases of beer in addition to these he has a warm sleeping bag and a small bag of trail mix. His friends never arrive because of the Ice Storm. He is left stuck 160 miles from the nearest gas station, and 90 miles to a nearest civilization. He spends 4 days in his car waiting before he decides to walk out.

After a few hours of walking his cell phone rings and he has a short phone call from a nearby but absentee land owner. Then his phone then dies. His friends have tried to get him help by calling everyone in the area the police never search for him. The owner has a cache of goods buried it consists of:

“The thick plastic garbage can top came off with surprising difficulty, revealing a strange spicy smelling sand that covered a thick black melt-sealed garbage bag with the following contents, the names of which I would later learn; 5 lbs of pemmican, 2.5 lbs of parmesan cheese, 1.8 quart Kelly Kettle, quiviut socks, ziploc freezer bag of birdseed, single shot crank pellet gun with about 300 pellets, 5 large rat traps, a large blue tarp, a green wool blanket, a compass, a whistle, a fixed blade knife and a medium sized ferrocium rod. I brought it all back to the car like a child wanting to be alone with a new toy. “

He then spends 16 days walking 146miles. Killing many squirrels with the traps and a few birds with the air rifle.

Basically a couple hundred dollars allowed him to travel far and in good enough health in very rough conditions. I am never been in much of a fan of Bugging Out the other term of bugging out without a place to go is being a refugee.

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