Friday, January 29, 2010

Preparing for the new world

It didn't actually take much convincing to get my significant other SO to agree to disaster preparations. Not wanting to break the budget we have both agreed to put $50.00 a month towards preparing to make the best of the worst. Together we hike climb and hunt so we already have quite a bit of gear in the locker.

Our first purchases
A spare filter for our portable water filer 35.00
2 packets of disposible lighters 5.00
Vitamins Centrum + Ca,Mg,D comb.
An extra bag of dog and cat food.

My goal is to put aside 10 bags of cat and dog food. As is the bag of dog food will feed my dog for 6 weeks it would do for me and the girl for a week. Basically that is 20 man weeks of food.

History has shown that people tend to hate the hoarders. In the event that things go badly the dry food gives us an option for trade or something to give away charitably. In this way even if we are living on better food it may well seem we are living on dog food. I also quite like my dog and the cats although I would eat them if push came to shove. A survey of the shelves show 2 weeks of freeze dried camping food 2 weeks of dry and canned food on the shelves maybe a month or more in the freezer. We hope to bring the dry foods up to 3 months soon but inside a budget.

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